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Join the Gluteus Happiness Movement

The Gluteus Happiness Movement is an infectious grassroots program sweeping the nation. There is an upheaval of Americans suffering from numb-butt, raw hind, pressure sores. One man is taking on the crusade for posterior comfort, personally: Dr. Mo Paddin. Recently, we had an opportunity to meet with Dr. Paddin. We’ve included a few highlights from the interview.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself?

Dr. Mo Paddin: …Before I was board certified in the State of Illinois as an assologist, I worked at NASA. I founded The American Society of Science and Technology for the Advancement of Posterior Comfort (ASSTAPC). Today, I’m not only an advocate, I’m also a research consultant and culinary advisor…of French Fries, onion rings and fried chicken.

Q: What is the purpose your organization?

Dr. Mo Paddin: I founded The American Society of Science and Technology for the Advancement of Posterior Comfort (ASSTAPC) to improve life quality for all. The concept is to promote awareness throughout America about the importance of keeping the gluteus happiest. It’s about pampering the ass, assuring that sitting is a pleasurable activity.

Q: There’s been some conjecture that you have an “ ass fetish.”  Is there any truth to that?

Dr. Mo Paddin: Considering that I’m a certified assologist, I would label it as more of an “ass fascination.” But, it’s purely medically motivated.

Q: What are you doing to promote the Gluteus Happiness Movement?

Dr. Mo Paddin: I do a bunch of things. Mainly, I invent eco-friendly seating products for posterior comfort. When I’m not creating the next cushion invention, I’m disseminating information about keeping the buttocks supple, safe and healthy. Currently, I’m recruiting new members to join the cause.

Q: What are the requirements for becoming a member?

Dr. Mo Paddin: The only requirements are sitting and ascertaining how the buttocks feel when settled on a surface. All members have to do is join the Gluteus Happiness Movement. (Membership is free). We have t-shirts and other nifty merchandise for our members.

Q: Is there a place for our readers to evaluate your products?

Dr. Mo Paddin: Yes. At The ROHO Group and on my personal web site, your readers can learn more about becoming actively involved in the Gluteus Happiness Movement.

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