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Permobil Government Affairs: Quarterly Newsletter – December 2016

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Permobil Government Affairs: Quarterly Newsletter – December 2016


President Obama signs the 21st Century Cutes Act into Law.
President Obama signs the 21st Century Cutes Act into Law.

On December 13, 2016, President Obama signed the 21st Century Cures Act into law. This piece of legislation was passed with over-whelming bipartisan majorities in both the House and Senate and contained another 6 month delay of the CRT accessories cuts we have been fighting for the past couple of years. Now that it is law, the Government Affairs Team will be working to get the cuts taken care of permanently in the next administration. We will also be sure to send out instructions once CMS publishes on how our providers will be able to bill for these products after January 1 that you can then pass along. Permobil and the industry are most grateful to our Congressional supporters and champions who helped put this delay in the Cures Act. A big thank you to all those who took action and called their Congressmen and Senators asking them to support our industry!


In January, the 115th Congress will be sworn in and committee assignments will begin to take place. Permobil and the CRT industry are very fortunate to have most of our champi-ons returning to the next Congress who will continue to advocate on our behalf.

Senator- Elect Tammy Duckworth
Senator- Elect Tammy Duckworth



Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth successfully ran for Senate and will be sworn in after the new year. She has long been a champion of our industry, especially Permobil products. Many of you know that she is a TiLite and ROHO customer. Her team has already reached out and Dave McCausland and I will be attending her swearing in reception on January 3rd. We were proud supporters of her during her Senate campaign and look forward to working with her in the coming Congress.



With the Trump Administration coming into office on January 20, there will be many new facing heading up the various agencies in the executive branch of government. The most exciting for our industry is the nomination of Congressman Tom Price (R-GA) to be the next Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS). Medicare and Medicaid are under HHS so this nominee can have a direct impact on policies affecting our industry. Congressman Price is one of the leading champions of the DME and CRT industries which puts us in a position to influence policy like we have not had before.

Some of you may recall that it was Congress-man Price who held the floor of Congress open last year to pass the PAMPA law giving us our first 1 year delay. He is also one of the lead critics of the Competitive Bidding Pro-gram and has championed the rural relief effort which was included in the Cures Law. He would like to reform the entire program with market based solutions so providers are paid at reasonable rates. With him at the helm of HHS, we have an opportunity to get the cuts permanently fixed without having to pass legislation. Hopefully we can then begin making changes from within government that will positively impact our users into the future.

We have great relationships with his staff who will most likely be going with him once confirmed and we have already started our outreach. No matter what side of the aisle you are on politically, the next couple of years are going to be both interesting and exciting!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Government Affairs Team! We will continue to work hard advocating for our industry and users in the coming year both nationally and at the state level. Please be sure to continue passing along challenges you face so that we can work to help those who depend on our products. Also pass along your congratulations to Darren Jernigan on his re-election to the Tennessee General Assembly! We are very lucky to have an elected official as part of the Permobil family.

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