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Permobil Powers Independence with the New M5 Corpus

The Right-Side front and back Castor Wheel and a Drive Wheel on the Middle.


Permobil has once again changed lifestyle expectations with the New M5 Corpus. The M5 mid-wheel drive power wheelchair is in a class by itself, with the ability to travel at speeds up to 3.2 miles per hour from an elevated seat height of up to 14 inches. It’s also the latest chair to feature Permobil’s trademark ActiveReach technology with 20º of forward tilt. There is now nothing you can’t reach, and no road you can’t travel.


This is the mobility device for the intrepid, even if the adventure is in your own home or backyard. Permobil’s FlexLink Pro™ dynamic suspension offers unsurpassed stability and comfort, coupled with advanced vibration reduction. The M5 offers different tire options for both casters and drive wheels, giving you the choice to customize your ride and go where you want to go.


Larry Jackson, President of Permobil North America, says, “Permobil is proud to continue our tradition of innovation. When our founder invented the first power wheelchair fifty years ago, he paved the way for the M5 Corpus.  As groundbreaking as the M5 is, we will continue to innovate, because we believe that independence is a basic human right for all people.”


Pilot a New Adventure

In the tradition of high-performance motors and gearboxes, the M5 Corpus takes control with a 7.5 mph motor package and superior torque. This coupled with a 14″ seat elevator that maintains full suspension at any seating position and drive speed, will help you take adventure to a new level.


Drive like a Pro

The M5 Corpus™ is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Our unique suspension geometry provides increased stability even in 14” of seat elevation. The FlexLink Pro™ suspension combines the advanced vibration suppression of FlexLink™ with independent drive wheel suspension, giving you the power to traverse all of life’s obstacles while maintaining your desired seating position.


Reach for More

Your world isn’t one-dimensional. Your seat elevator shouldn’t be either. ActiveReach™ technology is the ultimate advantage in accessing your environment. By combining 14” of seat elevation and up to 20° of forward tilt, Permobil’s ActiveReach™ technology enables you to reach beyond obstructions, into high cabinets, and can even assist in transfers. Truly putting your world within reach.


Rugged Details

The rubber meets the road with our 8-inch aggressive or standard caster options. The M5’s adjustment-free flutter damping device enables an intuitive driving experience even with a wide variety of drive controls. Finally, mid-wheel drive performance that lets you pivot like a pro.




About Permobil

Permobil has been committed to enhancing the lives of the physically challenged for over 40 years.  Founded in Sweden, Permobil has its North American headquarters in Lebanon, Tennessee. Permobil acquired ROHO®, the global leader in skin protection and positioning solutions for individuals with disabilities, in April 2015 and TiLite, a leading manufacturer of innovative and customized manual wheelchairs, in May 2014. More information regarding Permobil’s storied history and complete product line may be obtained at

“Every person has the right to have his or her disability compensated as far as possible by aids with the same technical standard as those we all use in our everyday lives.”
—Permobil’s founder, Dr. Per Uddén, 1967


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