ROHO® AGILITY® Headrest Adapter Plate

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The ROHO® AGILITY® Headrest Adapter Plate is hardware intended to be used with ROHO® AGILITY® Back Systems to attach commercially-available wheelchair headrests.


The Agility Headrest Adapter Plate is designed to be compatible with OEM headrests that have the following center to center bolt spacing:
  • 1⁄4”- 20 Thread: 1″, 17/8″, 2″ and 3″ horizontally and 2″ vertically.
  • M6 (1.0) Thread: 1″, and 2″ horizontally and 2″ vertically.
  • The purpose of this product is to allow additional headrests from other DME manufacturers to work with our AGILITY back.
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ROHO® AGILITY® Headrest Adapter Plate

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Construction Aluminum
Warranty 36 Month for manufacturing defects only.
Width x Length x Depth 3.5 in. x 2.9 in. x 0.3 in. (89mm x 73mm x 8mm)
Weight 0.25 lb. (0.13 kg)
Applications The ROHO® AGILITY® Headrest Adapter Plate is designed to be compatible with the OEM headrests that have the following center to bold spacing: .25 in. - 20 Thread: 1 in., 1⅞", 2 in. and 3 in. horizontally and 2 in. vertically
M6 (1.0) Thread: 1 in. and 2 in. horizontally and 2 in. vertically


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