Permobil Swing-Away Headrest Accessories Now Available

Swing Away Headrest options now available for Permobil Headrest with Link Hardware

  • SA-Headrest-Hardware-Email-Header-Web(2)-0718 Permobil
    Swing away headrest hardware

    New swing away headrest hardware options provide a mounting solution for attaching switches and support pads to the Permobil Headrests with Link Hardware.

  • SA-Headrest-Link-Hardware-Product Permobil
    Fully adjustable, easy-to-operate swing-away release mechanism

    The clean design, easy swing-away functionality, and ability to support a variety of switches and facial pads in a wide range of positions further enhances the functionality of the Permobil Link headrests.


  • 4-Facial-Pad-Options2 Permobil
    Switches and Pad Options

    Switch options include Egg or Microlight Switch
    Facial pads composed of dual layer foam with water resistant stretch fabric cover.
    Facial pads available in 2 sizes (4.3 x 2.3 or 6.3 x 2.3”)


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