Power Wheelchairs by Permobil

It’s more than a chair.
It’s your life.

Imagine a power wheelchair that felt not like an appliance, but like an extension of yourself.

That’s what we build at Permobil. Chairs that free you to strive for more and achieve more. To be inspired and to inspire.

And it all starts with one simple fact. We will use today’s best technology to compensate for your disabilities. Your Permobil power wheelchair will be built just for you. The right size. The right seat. The right functions. All for you.

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We build for you.

Look around Permobil, and you’ll see people who not only understand the challenges you face, they live them every day. And they know how to use design, technology and creativity to solve these challenges.

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Education & Evidence

Proof in motion.

The right chair can make all the difference — in your life, in your independence, and in your long-term health. See how we’re using the latest medical research to deliver information that moves everyone in our industry forward.

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