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You inspire us. What you strive for – and what you achieve. We believe that what a person is capable of is never a question of ability. We’re proud to give you a forum where you can share your experiences with the world.

A disabled man wearing white-blue shirt on his Manual Wheelchair

Kostas (Gus) Zografopoulos

Here is a picture that was taken in St. Louis as I carried the Olympic torch. The chair performed beautifully, as I had to go on a bit of an uphill with the torch in hand. I received my chair in the middle of May and the chair has been great. My arms have felt…

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Cindy Bullis

Kimiko’s Ti chair matches her personality. When she picked the colors, the dealer and I had no clue on what it would look like. Everyone she runs into loves the colors. The extremely light weight of the chair combined with the spinergy wheels and the frog legs make for one fast chair. As her mom,…

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A lady wearing black gown on her Manual Wheelchair

Teal Sherer

I’m on my third TiLite TR and I couldn’t imagine ever using another kind of wheelchair. The chair is so classy and sleek and it doesn’t take the focus – it allows me to shine. Because it is so light and compact it’s easy to get in and out of my car. And it’s such…

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Greg Harlan

I just wanted to let you know what a “ROCKIN’ chair my TiLite TR is. This is the best chair I’ve had. First off, I just fly through my day at home or work. I move from my car to my chair with no effort at all. The way it breaks down, the weight, the…

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Nick Morris

I have been using, making and selling wheelchairs for more than 26 years. I always strived to have the best wheelchair for my active lifestyle; I have owned more than 20 wheelchairs and searched the world for the ultimate chair. My dream wheelchair had to be light, stylish and sleek but not compromising in performance…

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A disabled man on his Wheelchair

Bob Clarke

As a wheelchair user since 1972, the past 20 of which have been spent working with wheelchair manufacturers, I have had the opportunity to see and try out hundreds of wheelchairs. Of all those chairs, I have never experienced a wheelchair that measures up to the fit, finish, and shear elegance of the of the…

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Cole Roland

I can’t tell you how happy I am with my TR. It has changed my life. I want to ask you for a favor, but first let me explain. A few months ago I was walking home with my girlfriend and she wanted to take her shortcut. She does not use a chair as evidence…

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A disabled man wearing a bright smile on his Wheelchair

Harold Smith

My name is Harold, I am a 29 year old Emergency Services Counselor for a psychiatric hospital. I have used a wheelchair of some sort for my entire life. Beauty. That is how to describe the TiLite ZRA2 wheelchair. I have had it for only three days, but I am already in a different world.…

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Danny Weiner

I am just writing to say thank you for such a great chair. I recently bought the TR model through new Britain medical supplies. This chair is hands down the best chair I’ve ever been in. It’s so light And maneuvers so easily. I am now a full time college student and getting around campus…

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