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Sizing up a Mattress by its Support Surface

Experiencing a soothing and comfortable night’s sleep is all about the support surface. For more than a decade, The ROHO Group has been investigating which materials and conditions are conducive for pressure sore management and the promotion of healthy, safe sleeping.

Click the above photo to see what this mattress can do for managing wound care or simply a low-pressure night’s sleep.

After years of rigorous clinical trials, findings show that the best support surface prevents the following extrinsic risk factors:

•    Pressure
•    Shear (the breakdown of skin)
•    Friction
•    Moisture
•    Heat

Medical research suggests that a myriad of support surface conditions are necessary to promote healthy skin, as well the management and prevention of pressure sores. The right medical mattress:

•    Stimulates circulation and blood flow
•    Prevents skin dehydration
•    Enables mobility to prevent skin damage
•    Conforms to the body with low surface tension
•    Minimizes friction, moisture build up and heat
•    Delivers comfort and protection
•    Lightweight, imparting even body distribution

Because of the evidence, the ROHO Group developed the patented technology of the ROHO DRY FLOATATION MATTRESS. The medical mattress offers the ultimate surface support for any-sized patient.

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