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User’s First Empowers Life Quality

An advocacy group, User’s First Alliance streamlines the physical needs of individuals living with disabilities. Founded in 2007, User’s First is comprised of three companies, renowned for manufacturing high-end mobility equipment: The ROHO Group, TiLite and PermobilUSA.

The powerhouses educate clinicians, insurance providers and consumers about the needs of patients living with disabilities. Aside from the organization’s empowering achievements, User’s First equips end-users with three resourceful services:

User’s First presents more than compelling resources. A no-cost membership affords end users with ongoing education and techniques for improving life quality.

Support Services
User’s First is in affiliation with several foundations, societies and associations across the nation. The group helps consumers learn about their rights to attain wheelchairs as well as other mobility products.

Social Events
Throughout the year, User’s First host a myriad of events around the country. For instance, later this month on June 25 though 27, the Abilities Expo will be in Chicago for an action packed symposium.

Simplify your life with User’s First.

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