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Do you have a product or innovation that improves the quality of life for people living with disabilities? Perhaps it’s a solution that would work great together with Permobil’s existing products, a promising prototype, or a product that’s only sold in a single market today. The Permobil Partnering program is a chance to make your idea a reality and provide your solution to as many users as possible. As a Permobil partner, you will have the full support of our team in successfully taking your solution to market.

Our global company started more than 50 years ago with one great idea tested out in a basement workshop in Timrå, Sweden. Now, we want to nurture a new generation of groundbreaking innovators who share our commitment to redefining ability. Together, we can improve the quality of life for people with disabilities around the world.

The Permobil Partnering program is open for collaboration in Permobil’s core segments: Power Wheelchairs, Manual Wheelchairs, Seating & Positioning solutions, and related Services, but we’re also open to new MedTech solutions that help people with disabilities. Please note that we will only evaluate solutions that have reached some level of maturity, and we are not able to provide answers to product improvement suggestions or early stage ideas.

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Areas of Interest

The Permobil Partnering program is open for collaboration in Permobil’s core segments: Power Wheelchairs, Manual Wheelchairs, Seating & Positioning solutions, and related Services, but we’re also open to new MedTech solutions that help people with disabilities.

  • Power wheelchairs

    Permobil is seeking partners who have solutions that can improve our powered wheelchairs; we are looking for everything from fantastic sensors to assisted driving technology, to a complete power wheelchair.

  • Manual wheelchairs

    Permobil is looking beyond what we already have today and are seeking partners that can bring true innovation. We are looking for anything from wheelchair accessories, innovative power-assist devices, software solutions and beyond.

  • Seating & positioning

    Permobil aims at providing the best comfort and reducing the risk of complications, such as pressure injuries, with superior Seating & Positioning solutions. We are seeking partners who have innovative solutions for our users, anything from new materials or cushions to unique seating and positioning concepts.

  • Services

    Permobil is always looking towards the future and wants to remain an innovation leader, not only in terms of products but also services such as software, sensors, and connectivity. If you have a solution that can create value for both our users and us, we would like to hear from you!

Partnering Process and FAQ

Partnering Process

All proposals submitted via the Permobil Partnering submission form will be carefully evaluated. Permobil aims to provide feedback within 6 weeks.

The process continues with a second detailed assessment phase, including in‐person or Skype meetings with the relevant Permobil teams. A successful assessment leads to a discussion and agreement on the best form of collaboration between you and Permobil. This can be, but not limited to, a license agreement, a merger and acquisition agreement or a joint development agreement.

Submissions may be withdrawn at any stage of the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I partner with Permobil?

Permobil is the leading industry innovator within complex rehab and by partnering with us, you can increase the likelihood that your idea will become a reality and receive the best market coverage. We are committed to nurturing and supporting you throughout the process. Along the way, you will benefit from our strong R&D capacities, manufacturing and supply chain excellence, deep knowledge of quality and regulatory issues, and global distribution channels.

Why does Permobil want to work with me?

We believe that by complementing our knowledge with your expertise we can create a very strong team that will be able to develop great innovations to help improve health outcomes for people living with disabilities.

What kind of business deal with Permobil could result from my submission?

We construct deals based on mutual benefit. This is defined according to what type of deal is best for the innovation, the submitter and Permobil. The deal may take the form of a licensing or a supply agreement, a joint development agreement or other types of collaborative ventures.

What information does Permobil need to evaluate my idea?

Please provide us with a clear description of the idea, including its features and benefits, and any relevant supporting documents (intellectual property status, patents, test/lab results.) Please do not reveal any sensitive or confidential information in the initial application stage.

Do I need to patent my idea before submitting?

No patent is needed for consideration by Permobil and we welcome applicants in any stage of the patent process.

We do, however, encourage all inventors to patent their ideas as this will facilitate possible future negotiations and give you certain legal rights in the future.

Can my application be submitted as confidential information?

No. Any information you do send through the idea submission form will be deemed NOT confidential. (See terms and conditions above.) Confidential information may only be shared at a later stage in the assessment process once appropriate agreements are in place.

What happens to my idea after it has been submitted and how long will it take before I receive a reply?

Your submission will be forwarded to a cross functional evaluation team. The team will review you’re your product/solution and evaluate how it fits with Permobil’s portfolio and strategic agenda. If the evaluation team judges that we can complement each other, you will be contacted to discuss next steps. It may take up to 6 weeks before you will receive a response but we will reply to all serious submissions.

How do I know that Permobil will not copy my idea?

As an innovative company, Permobil values inventors and the integrity of their ideas. That is why we ask you not to submit any confidential information in your application and encourage all inventors to patent their ideas.

However, it is possible that Permobil might already be working on developing a product or solution that contains your idea or similar ideas, which does not limit us from continuing to develop that idea.

How do I submit my idea for Permobil’s consideration?

All ideas for partnering are to be submitted via this online form and process. First, if you accept our terms and conditions, fill out the submission form to enable us to make an evaluation. After you submit your idea you will receive an email confirming your submission.

Can I arrange to present my idea in person?

The first review is 100% based on the information provided in your submission – therefore it is important that your submission includes all information necessary to make a fair first assessment. Face-to-face meetings, phone calls or live demonstrations will only be considered later in the evaluation process. In the event that we need more information regarding your idea, we will contact you.