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Take Action on Legislation

We are facing an environment where politicians at all levels of government are looking to cut budgets. Cuts that affect only a small portion of the public, such as the users of CRT, are attractive because few people are impacted. As we all know, the impact on this small group of people can be huge. We at TiLite are doing all we can to fight these cuts. However, we urge all people, especially health care professionals, rehab equipment suppliers and wheelchair users, to become aware of regulatory changes and reimbursement cutbacks and to speak out against these changes.

Stay Informed

The following websites are excellent resources to help you stay informed of changes impacting access to CRT.

Take Action

How can you help? Contact your Congressmen and Senators and tell them to cosponsor and pass H.R. 3229/S. 2196 and H.R. 1516/S. 1013 before the end of the year to protect access to CRT!

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