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BodiLink Head Support is now available with Flip-Down hardware that allows the head support pad to swing back 120 degrees away from the user’s head and then automatically locks into place when returned to the original position. With completely reimagined hardware, a variety of pad and cover styles you will never have to sacrifice the comfort you deserve for the durability you need. Experience precise alignment, greater surface contact, and more stable head positioning with the improved BodiLink Head Support.

  • A Bodilink Head Support GT
    Gear Teeth (GT) Hardware

    The Gear Teeth hardware features sintered-metal gear teeth joints with 15″ increments, resulting in a strong positive-locking hardware. Mid-line and lateral-offset version are available.

  • BodiLink Head Support PT
    Piano Taper (PT) Hardware

    High strength PT hardware comes in 5 styles ranging in functionality and reach. The piano-hinge style joints, in combination with a double taper, result in the strongest hardware on the market, all while having the ability to “slip” before any catastrophic failure. PT hardware features precision link adjustment for ideal positioning, and a tool-less wing lock option for on-the-spot adjustment.

  • Permobil Premium Pads of BodiLink
    Premium Pads

    Premium pads come in a butterfly pad shape with adjustment capabilities that promote increased surface contact for pressure redistribution, stable positioning, optimal comfort, neck clearance, and improved line of sight. The 10″, 12″, 14″, and 18″ wide sizes are available with hinged wings allowing varying levels of anterior and lateral support for a variety of positioning needs.

  • Permobil Basic Pads
    Basic Pads

    Basic pads have an oval pad shape with interior steel plate allows custom contouring to the client’s unique shape and needs. The thickness of the steel plate is relative to the size of the pad to allow easy molding with losing its shape with movement/pressure.


BodiLink® Head Support Product Features:
  • Now available with Flip-Down hardware that allows the head support pad to swing back 120 degrees
  • Improved and expanded hardware includes Gear Tooth (GT) series and all new Piano Taper (PT) series
  • Dedicated mid-line hardware styles available when lateral positioning is unnecessary
  • Hardware features a high visibility release lever
  • Pad options include premium pad or basic pad

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