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The Elements® Back is a general use back that easily folds with the wheelchair for easy transportation and storage. The adjustable tension strapping system allows the Elements® Back to accommodate for kyphosis and provide lumbar support.

  • The black straps of Elements Back Wheelchair
    Adjustable Tension Strapping System

    The innovative strapping system can accommodate for kyphosis and provide lumbar support. Using hook and loop attachment, the back tension is easily adjustable to fit the needs specific users.

  • The Folded Elements Wheelchair
    Collapsible Back for Folding Wheelchair

    Installation is made easy with a durable strapping system. The Elements Back design allows the entire backrest to fold with the wheelchair for easy transportation and storage.

Elements® Back Product Features:
  • Strapping system can accommodate for kyphosis & provide lumbar support.
  • 1” foam provides a more comfortable back support than a standard sling back.
  • Back securely installs directly over wheelchair canes.
  • Steel D-Rings provide superior strength and durability.
  • One SKU fits wheelchairs sizes 15”-21”; second SKU fits wheelchair sizes 22”-25”.
  • Both sizes are 16” L.

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