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The Liberty® X consists of two parts: a completely sealed PVC liner containing Comfort Cells™ and a foam base with a waterproof cover. An air valve allows the cushion to fit to the shape of the user. The Liberty® X features a soft feel for those with hypersensitivity.

  • Vicair® Technology

    Vicair® products are filled with hundreds of small, air-filled Comfort Cells™. Together these cells provide reliable and stable body support and superior pressure distribution. Comfort Cells™ do not migrate, thus providing functional stability. Vicair® cushions are low maintenance, stable, washable, lightweight, and adjustable.

  • Available with GlideWear®

    GlideWear is designed to promote healing and reduce the risk of pressure injury through the use of the Shear Reduction Zone. GlideWear provides reduction of shear forces to increase skin protection, 100% breathability for microclimate control, and improved comfort from reduced friction. The GlideWear technology option is available as an embedded upgrade to Stretch-Air & Comfort-Tek fabric options. Latex free.

Liberty® X Product Features:
  • The main cushion component is designed with a completely sealed PVC liner containing a front and rear chamber. The cushion liner holds Comfort Cells™ coated in a silicone lubricant giving them a slow moving yet fluid like motion when conforming to the user.
  • The liner allows excess air to escape when a user sits taking on their fitted shape. It will then retain this form until reforming is needed.
  • A foam base is installed separately under the main cushion component to provide additional femoral support and trochanter loading to the main Vicair® insert.
  • A separate cover made of Comfort-Tek™ material covers the foam base giving it superior incontinence protection and infection control. Foam must be removed while laundering cover.

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