Support / Firmware History


See OVER-THE-AIR UPDATE (OTA) INSTRUCTIONS (CLICK HERE) for getting the most up-to-date firmware on your device.

Firmware Version 1.5

  • Added Estimated Drive Range (EDR) to PushTracker
    • Displayed on the PushTracker’s battery status screen.
    • Estimates distance left based on past SmartDrive use and current SmartDrive charge level.
  • Simplified pairing process for SmartDrive and with PushTracker app
    • If the App is not paired then pressing the right button on the PushTracker to connect to the App will take the user into the “Pairing to App” Settings Menu screen.
    • If a SmartDrive is not paired then pressing the left button on the PushTracker (“SD ON”) will take the user into the “Pairing to SmartDrive” Settings Menu screen – useful when needing to re-pair after an OTA.
  • Displays OTA progress bar on its screen when the PushTracker is receiving OTA data
  • Updated Permobil company logo branding when booting PushTracker from sleep

Firmware Version 1.4 / 1.3

  • Added EZ-ON gesture control for power assist / “SD ON / OFF”
    • Configuration – see “SmartDrive Settings” section of PushTracker User’s Manual (click here)
      • Off by default.
      • Can be turned on / off in PushTracker Settings Menu after selecting the “Control Mode” (MX1 / MX2 / MX2+).
      • Can also be configured within the app.
    • Operation – see “EZ-ON Power Assist Ready” section of SmartDrive MX2+ User’s Manual (click here)
      • Holding the PushTracker level with the screen facing up, the top blue LED will light up indicating that EZ-ON is active. While the top blue LED is illuminated, double tapping the screen will toggle power assist / “SD ON / OFF”.
      • There is a 15 second timeout for turning “SD ON”, after which the top blue LED will turn off and the PushTracker orientation will have to be changed before EZ-ON activates again. There is no timeout for turning “SD ON / OFF”.
  • Added more Errors to the PushTracker and SmartDrive for logging
  • PushTracker send SmartDrive “Total Distance” for display within app

Firmware Version 1.2

  • Improved PushTracker battery status display
  • Extended PushTracker Settings Menu timeout from 7 to 15 seconds
  • Added button action icons to PushTracker Settings Menu
  • Added “About” screen to PushTracker Settings Menu which displays:
    • PushTracker (PT), SmartDrive (SD) and SmartDrive Bluetooth (BT) Firmware versions
    • Most recent Error, date and description
  • Enabled logging of PushTracker and SmartDrive Errors into the app
  • PushTracker sends propulsion data to PushTracker app while connected
  • PushTracker sends “Journey” propulsion data to PushTracker app while connected during a “Journey”